Welcome to my personal research site,

I am Trevor Chandler, a futurist and technologist, but mostly, a person with an unusually forward looking imagination and an eye for different approaches.

Within this site, I will be posting some of my newest research in hopes of finding a person(s) capable of bringing in the funding and resources allowing my full focus to be on my research.

Recently, I have created some of my best work, with things such as, but not limited to..

An Artificial Intelligence that uses emergence to advance beyond it's initial capabilities.

An Artificial Intelligence that self generates and improves itself at the code level to achieve it's objectives. An Artificial Intelligence with "Imagination".

An Artificial Intelligence that is not bound by the bias of the human approach to problems and instead creates and achieves a variety of related tasks by its own computation to achieve goals.

Typically, when I start research into a new problem, people around me don’t understand, don’t believe things will work and become frustrated. This is because most people don’t think outside of what has been done, and stepping into new ideas using different approaches makes most people uncomfortable. Recently, I conducted a survey on Upwork, and posted a featured job to get some second opinions on the approach for my latest version of an AI that generates it’s own actions dynamically without using any kind of static actions list. Of the 1000s of proposals I received, only a single person was willing to even consider that this was possible, and this was after I posted 4 working ideas as examples. Our technical approach is to make baby steps with the occasional medium advance, when there is nothing stopping us from making massive advancements, we just need to be willing to try and think outside the box.

In todays global landscape we tend to have the thinkers/philosophers who hypothesize about what could happen, and then we have the creators that create things. Unfortunately, those people tend to not be the same person, resulting in a split between our global technical imagination and the reality of what we create. My expertise and experience has been performing both the idea generation and turning those ideas into reality, I am the bridge between innovation and creation.

Latest Research

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